Who thinks of having a stagette party, on a boat, on January 2nd?  How about a private birthday boat party on the cold snowy night of February 26?

Sure there was no swimming involved, but the tunes were rocking, the food was warm and the windows so steamed up that the gals had to venture out onto the top deck and view the awesome lights of Vancouver on great, quiet nights on the water.  The crew might have froze their toes a little, but it was just a matter of clearing the inch or two of snow from the docks to get the girls there.

Spring is on its way.  The flowers are starting to poke through the ground and the days are getting longer.  It’s time to start organizing your birthday parties, stagette, or any other private event for your group of up to 40 for the 2012 season.  Rates are the same as last year, as are the crew. Email us today, or call 604.782.5598 to make your booking.

It’s going to be another great year.