As summer is coming to an end, a group of Stockbrokers recently hired out Golden Eagle Charters for an afternoon cruise around Vancouver, with a spot of fishing in between.

The organisers of the group arrived at the docks at 12:30pm, well prepared for the journey that lay before them. The keg was tapped, drinks were chilled & snacks prepared. The rest of the group gradually arrived at the Granville Island dock over the next hour.

It seems the party had started before the Corporate Boat Charter had even left the docks. There was drinks flowing and the group was having a ball just being on board, but it was time to head out to sea.

It was a beautiful sunny Vancouver afternoon and the by 1:30pm the boat had departed toward our first stop of the day, the crab grounds. We arrived up along side the gigantic, rustic sea freighters and searched the sounder for suitable bottom to drop the pots. Once Fly the skipper gave the order the pots where in and off we went.

We had heard there was quite a few Sockeye Salmon around so the group was hopeful at the chance of encountering one of these fish. Josh, Golden Eagle Charters fishing deckhand got four rods set up and began trolling some pink hoochies.

There was a bit of action on the surface but unfortunately no boats in the area where landing fish. After about 3 hours of trolling the fishing was still quiet, with only a few hook ups. A hungry pods of dolphins seemed to scare the fish just as the action would hot up. Nice to watch but no good for fishing.

It seems we weren’t the only ones that seem to have missed the bite, the surrounding boats where also covering a lot of water for not much action. But never the less the group of stock brokers were just happy being on the water!

The fine food and drink continued to flow, laughs and smiles allround was making this beautiful afternoon even more enjoyable. The decision was finally made to bring in the lines and check the crab pots instead.

As we pulled up on the pots, the groups eyes were all on Josh as he slowly pulled each pot from the depths of the Burrard Inlet. The fishing gods had finally shined upon us, and granted us pot full of plump dungeness crabs! The second pot had equally as many but a few females and undersized crabs had to be returned to live another day.

It seems the weather gods where also feeling generous. The sun stayed bright and the winds stayed low for the rest of the afternoon. Golden Eagle Egg slowly headed back toward Granville Island where the corporate group departed.

Despite the lack of fish, the group of stockbrokers left satisfied and with smiles on there faces and a plenty of local crab for dinner. Vancouver Fishing Charters are a great way to make the most of what’s left of a a Vancouvers summer.