What are your rates?

Boat rental rates for this year are noted on our Booking Page. Minimum bookings are 2 hours in length to ensure you have time to enjoy the sights and scenery of the downtown Vancouver waterfront. Our rates are the same for weekdays and weekends, days and nights, summer or winter. We keep the rates simple, affordable and consistent. Tips are greatly appreciated but are not mandatory.

What kind of boat, how big, and do you have pictures?

We can do a maximum of 38 people on our 52ft charter specific vessel. Additional information on the size of the boat and layout is found in the About Us section.

We have an event booked, when should we be at the dock?

Have your group arrive 30 minutes prior to departure to ensure you’re not waiting at the dock for stragglers to arrive (we know there’s always a couple of latecomers… always!). The boat will be ready for loading 30 minutes prior to departure. You can also use this time to come in to decorate if you like.

Where is the boat and how do we get there?

The boat is located at the Plaza of Nations Marina, on the east side of the Harbour Convention Centre at 750 Pacific Blvd. See the map to our location. If you prefer to use public transit, the Stadium Skytrain station is located only 1.3kms away, about a 5 to 10 minute walk. Check www.translink.bc.ca for route planning.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

Yes, not to worry as there are 2 toilets on the Golden Eagle Egg boat. No need to hold it for 3 hours. This is our most frequently asked question!

Is there parking nearby?

Pay parking lots are located throughout the Plaza of Nations, as well as the street parking may also be available along Pacific Boulevard, or Expo Boulevard. Take note of any sporting or concert events at BC Place or Rogers Arena happening during the day of your charter, as these parking spots are usually snapped up early by fans.

Do you have music on board? Do we need a DJ?

We have a stereo on board which will connect to AUX as well as USB-C and Lightning adapters. We have the necessary cables, so just bring your device. As for a DJ, keep your party simple and minimize the amount of equipment you need to bring. A phone hooked into the onboard system is sufficient for 98% of groups.

What should we bring?

First of all, a great attitude is required before getting on board. Remember that you’re about to head out for a few hours with great friends in a unique setting. In addition consider bringing along the following:


  • ICE! This is the most commonly forgotten, and essential item for the cruise.
  • sunglasses & sunscreen, a must under all conditions…unless it’s February
  • camera, to capture those memories
  • music, mp3 player can be plugged in to the on board system via the headphone jack
  • beverages of your choice (preferably in cans, they cool faster and don’t tip over as easy)
  • snacks
  • cups, plates, napkins and cutlery
  • motion-sickness tablets are always a good idea…it sucks to feel sick when you should be having fun

Coordinate amongst yourselves as to who brings what. Temperatures are usually a few degrees cooler on the water than on shore, so dress appropriately. If you do feel chilled, the cabin below is heated and offers respite from the outdoors.

Can we decorate?

Absolutely, we encourage you to bring decorations for your special event! Decorations may include balloons, battery operated lights, garlands, banners, flowers, and more.

We kindly ask you to NOT use nails, glitter, feathers, confetti, or glass as well as NOT use glue, tape, or stickers on the boat windows.

Where will we go?

We like to tour False Creek, Granville Island, English Bay and Stanley Park. UBC, The North Shore, and West Vancouver are also popular day trips because of the sheltered calm waters and because most people haven’t experienced those waters. If the seas are too rocky, we won’t subject our customers to gutwrenching swells. When on board consult our captain for the best touring options of the day.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

There is also a BBQ on board you can use, and we provide free gas.

Do You Have Coolers?

Yes, there is a number of coolers we have on board available for you to use, you just need to bring ice.

Is It Safe?

Our boat is Transport Canada certified and goes through regular checks and inspections.

We have licensed experienced crew members that give a safety instructions speech before every charter.

There are life jackets available on board, both for adults and children.

Can I come see the boat?

Absolutely! Please make sure to get in touch with us to arrange a visit date and time before coming.