So you have an idea to host a party on a boat. Vancouver is a great city for a boat cruise and when you have a party of people that need somewhere to have a few drinks and let loose, a private boat charter may be one of your best options. When was the last time you were on a private boat cruise around the beautiful city of Vancouver?

First of all, note how many people you expect for a boat party. Depending on how many people you can confirm for a boat cruise will dictate the size of boat available to charter for an afternoon or evening. The Golden Eagle Egg will handle a maximum of 40 people, and is still very suitable for groups as few as 8 or 10.

Note the location of the boat. Most Vancouver boat charters depart from the Plaza of Nations, Granville Island, and Coal Harbour. Transportation to the dock and parking for your guests needs to be taken into consideration. Our boat is centrally located at the Plaza of Nations Marina, with pay parking nearby and the Stadium Skytrain station less than a 10 minute walk.

If you’re not covering the cost of the boat charter yourself, then what is the price point your guests are willing to accept. When inquiring, be sure to ask about any additional charges such as expected gratuity, food and drink costs, and additional fuel charges. Aboard the Golden Eagle, we encourage guests to bring their own food and drink. We also don’t charge extra for fuel, but do ask for a small gratuity for the crew. It’s a little something extra for entertaining your party and keeping everyone safe out there on the water.

Arrange for deposit payment to secure the day and time for your boat cruise. Throughout the spring, summer, and early fall the demand for private boat charters is high and securing your date is essential. Personally, I find it encourages myself to start hounding people for money early to lock them up as confirmed guests.

Once the booking for your boat cruise has been made, it’s time to start arranging your guest list, themes, and general logistics. Feel free to email Golden Eagle Boat Charters at [email protected], or call us at 604-782-5598 to book your event today.