A couple contacted us the other day about a boat cruise for an inexpensive and memorable wedding for a small, intimate group of people coming into Vancouver. Their thoughts were to charter a boat for both the wedding and reception. This got us thinking… We have seen it done on the larger boats, so why not on the Golden Eagle Egg?

At Golden Eagle Boat Charters we’re interested in ensuring your trip is truly memorable and fun. Our suggestion to the couple was that we could do a wedding on the boat, but believe it’s best to have the ceremony on dry land. Vancouver has some beautiful parks, so consider such as Queen Elizabeth Park or Stanley Park. This allows your guests and latecomers to attend the ceremony, and if there are some people that choose not to join the party on the water, then they’ve got that option. Other factors to consider are the minister and photographer. You would also need to consider their time and what you’re paying them for the duration of your boat cruise around Vancouver.

Finally, you’ll need some food and drink for your guests during their cruise around Vancouver. We give you the option of bringing along your own food and drink, but we can also arrange a caterer for you if interested. If you’re of the more budget conscious, try ordering a family style platter from one of the local restaurants. Email us at [email protected], or call us at 604.782.5598 for menu details or with any specific requests. In addition, we do have a few photographer options if you’re interested in such services.

Aside from all of that, our skipper and deckhand will be ready to cruise your party around the Vancouver waters and all you will need to be is there. Call or email us today to inquire about booking your boat charter.