Golden Eagle Charters

Photos of Vancouver BC Canada


Check out our 2013 boat renovations in progress! So far we have built the top deck captain's cabin and cleared the passengers' cabin so you could have more space.

Looking for photos of the Golden Eagle IV, plus what it looks like on the inside and what kind of fun you might have with 28 people?  Click on the image below for look at our photo gallery.

Trouble viewing the gallery because you're using an iPhone or iPad?  Here's a link to pictures of the Golden Eagle IV through our photostream on Flickr.  We also have a great Facebook page with photos and videos of parties from the last few years. 

The Golden Eagle IV

We also have a short video as well with a few choice pics of the boat interior.

Photos of Vancouver BC Canada

I wanted to thank you for our wonderful evening last week. It was a beautiful night for a sunset cruise and perfect end to a family reunion. Thanks again.

- Martha R.

Golden Eagle Boat Charters

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