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Celebration of Light 2012 Fireworks Confirmed!

Celebration of Light 2012 Dates Announced

Looks like we're on for another year of great fireworks shows right off the beaches of downtown Vancouver.  Only three nights are noted again this year, in what is calling a 'new format'.

Saturday July 28.12... representing country is Vietnam... SORRY, ALREADY BOOKED!

Wednesday Aug 1.12... representing country is Brazil... SORRY, ALREADY BOOKED!

Saturday Aug 4.12... representing country is Italy!!... SORRY, ALREADY BOOKED

Inquire today about 2012 Celebration of Light Fireworks we might have some last minute cancellations, and if you're really keen we can pencil you in for 2013 dates as well...well before they are announced.


2011 Celebration of Light Fireworks

Celebration of Light 2011 Dates Announced

Looks like we're on for another year of great fireworks shows right off the beaches of downtown Vancouver.  Only three nights are noted though in what is calling a 'new format'.

Saturday July 30.11... representing country is CHINA... SORRY, ALREADY BOOKED!

Wednesday Aug 3.11... representing country is SPAIN... SORRY, NOW BOOKED

Saturday Aug 6.11... representing country is CANADA!!... SORRY, NOW BOOKED

Once again, all booked up now for 2011.  Inquire today about 2012 Celebration of Light Fireworks dates.


Winter Boat Charters are Cool

A Winter Boat Charter a Good Idea?

Who thinks of having a stagette party, on a boat, on January 2nd?  How about a private birthday boat party on the cold snowy night of February 26?

Sure there was no swimming involved, but the tunes were rocking, the food was warm and the windows so steamed up that the gals had to venture out onto the top deck and view the awesome lights of Vancouver on great, quiet nights on the water.  The crew might have froze their toes a little, but it was just a matter of clearing the inch or two of snow from the docks to get the girls there.

Spring is on its way.  The flowers are starting to poke through the ground and the days are getting longer.  It's time to start organizing your birthday parties, stagette, or any other private event for your group of up to 28 for the 2012 season.  Rates are the same as last year, as are the crew.  Email us today, or call 604.782.5598 to make your booking.

It's going to be another great year. 


Vancouver Christmas Party Boat Charters

Vancouver Christmas Party Boat Charters

It's that time of year again! Work starts to wind up, the mercury drops and everyone gets into the festive spirit. Christmas is a magical time of year to celebrate with all your friends, family and co-workers, and what better way than on the water with a Golden Eagle Charters Christmas Party cruise!

Get into the Christmas spirit this year aboard our 40 foot custom charter vessel. You and up to 27 guests can have exclusive access to the vessel for a cruise around beautiful Vancouver. 

We can customise a Christmas party cruise to suit all of your groups requirements. These are a great idea for end-of-year work functions, a gift to your valued employees or simply a night with good friends and family surround by natures best.

The boat cruise starts at the plaza of nations marina and heads up the Burrard Inlet, and out to sea. Our charters go past all the famous landmarks including Stanley Park, Granville Island, The Lions Gate bridge and up the Indian Arm. If your lucky enough to book a night charter you will see downtown Vancouver light up in all its winter glory.

Catering can be arranged or you can supply your own festive treats. Feel free to bring along some green and red to decorate the boat and dress up Golden Eagle IV to suit your Xmas theme. How about getting everyone in the Christmas spirit and dress up for the occasion? Mr and Mrs Claus, Reindeers, The Grinch, Elfs, Sleds and more.

Don't forget to bring along an ipod to tap into our on board sound system, and blast out some Jingle Bell Rock and other Christmas tunes to dance the night away.

Get in quick to lock down a date. We recommend 4 hour charters to give you the most time to enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer and plenty of time to spread Christmas Cheer! For further information on booking your Private Christmas Boat Charter, see our FAQ. To book your charter online please visit our Online Booking Calendar.

Halloween Private Boat Charters

Halloween Private Boat Charters

Two dragons teeth, one leaping toadstool, an ounce of Gurdyroot and a pinch of Flutterby Bush! Sound all too hard? Well leave your Halloween potions at home and make your Halloween party a breeze on board a Golden Eagle Charters Halloween boat cruise, this October!

You and up to 27 of your friends will be able to celebrate this night of all nights on an exclusive boat party cruise on the water! You will be taken around downtown Vancouver's most spectacular and spooky sights. The private boat cruise kicks off at the Plaza of Nations marina and then heads out past sights such as Stanley Slaughterhouse Park, Groaning Granville Island, Lions Hells Gate Bridge , English Haunted Bay and up the Severed Indian arm!

If you have any other special requests or ideas that could make your Halloween boat cruise even better, just let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your most eerie requests.

Why not get everyone involved by enforcing a strict mandatory costume policy! Ghastly Ghosts, Headless horsemen, Jack the Ripper, Freddy Kruger, the list goes on. You can dress up the boat to suit your charters needs. Jack-o-lanterns, Frightening tales, Trick or Treat, Who done-it, the ideas are endless!

Don't forget to bring along an ipod to tap into our on board sound system, and blast out some terrifying tunes to dance the night away.

Nights available are October the 29, 30 and 31st. Get in quick to lock down a date. We recommend 4 hour charters which leaves patrons ample time to guess who is under all the costumes and masks.

Happy All Hallows Eve!

For further information on booking your Private Halloween charter, see our FAQ. To book your charter online please visit our Online Booking Calendar.

Late Summer Corporate Fishing Charter

Late Summer afternoon Corporate Fishing Charter

As summer is coming to an end, a group of Stockbrokers recently hired out Golden Eagle Charters for an afternoon cruise around Vancouver, with a spot of fishing in between.

The organisers of the group arrived at the docks at 12:30pm, well prepared for the journey that lay before them. The keg was tapped, drinks were chilled & snacks prepared. The rest of the group gradually arrived at the Granville Island dock over the next hour.

It seems the party had started before the Corporate Boat Charter had even left the docks. There was drinks flowing and the group was having a ball just being on board, but it was time to head out to sea.

It was a beautiful sunny Vancouver afternoon and the by 1:30pm the boat had departed toward our first stop of the day, the crab grounds. We arrived up along side the gigantic, rustic sea freighters and searched the sounder for suitable bottom to drop the pots. Once Fly the skipper gave the order the pots where in and off we went.

We had heard there was quite a few Sockeye Salmon around so the group was hopeful at the chance of encountering one of these fish. Josh, Golden Eagle Charters fishing deckhand got four rods set up and began trolling some pink hoochies.

There was a bit of action on the surface but unfortunately no boats in the area where landing fish. After about 3 hours of trolling the fishing was still quiet, with only a few hook ups. A hungry pods of dolphins seemed to scare the fish just as the action would hot up. Nice to watch but no good for fishing.

It seems we weren't the only ones that seem to have missed the bite, the surrounding boats where also covering a lot of water for not much action. But never the less the group of stock brokers were just happy being on the water!

The fine food and drink continued to flow, laughs and smiles allround was making this beautiful afternoon even more enjoyable. The decision was finally made to bring in the lines and check the crab pots instead.

As we pulled up on the pots, the groups eyes were all on Josh as he slowly pulled each pot from the depths of the Burrard Inlet. The fishing gods had finally shined upon us, and granted us pot full of plump dungeness crabs! The second pot had equally as many but a few females and undersized crabs had to be returned to live another day.

It seems the weather gods where also feeling generous. The sun stayed bright and the winds stayed low for the rest of the afternoon. Golden Eagle IV slowly headed back toward Granville Island where the corporate group departed.

Despite the lack of fish, the group of stockbrokers left satisfied and with smiles on there faces and a plenty of local crab for dinner. Vancouver Fishing Charters are a great way to make the most of what's left of a a Vancouvers summer.

Go Online Get Onboard 2010 WIN

Go Online Get Onboard 2010

Go Online Get Onboard 2010

Golden Eagle Charters has been operating in Vancouver for the past 14 years. From Birthdays and Bachelor
Partys to Sunset Cruises and Corporate Events, Golden Eagle does it all.

Be part of the Golden Eagle Charters latest competition, Go Online Get Onboard 2010! You could win a place for you and 3 friends aboard our party cruise around Vancouver's picturesque waterways. 

How do I enter?

 Just jump online and update your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or any other online social network and tell
the world why you want to be part of a Golden Eagle Charters Private Party Cruise.

For instance finish this sentence: "I want to be part of the Golden Eagle Charters Party Cruise because..."

Then join our Facebook club and put a link to your status, tweet or post on our wall. Alternatively email the
link to It's as easy as that!

You can enter as many times as you like, just remember to include all the different links to your posts.
We will then select our 5 most creative entries to take themselves and 3 friends along to experience an
amazing Golden Eagle Charters cruise that they won't soon forget!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday August 25th 2010. So get creative with your tweeting, updating,
posting for your chance to win.



**Terms & Conditions** - The Party Cruise is scheduled for Sunday August 29th 2010. Departing downtown
Vancouver at the Plaza of Nations Marina. Departure Time on the 29th to be determined. Winners must be available
for this time & date. The prize is only valid for the specified date. Tickets for winners have no cash value.
All winning participants in the Go Online Get Onboard cruise must be 19 years old and over. By participating in this
cruise you agree that Golden Eagle Charters will not be responsible for any damage, theft , loss of goods or personal
injury during the course of the cruise.

Find us, Follow us on Facebook, Twitter,Foursquare & More

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare & More

Golden Eagle Charters are now not only on Facebook, but also Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Kontain and more!

So if you're looking for the latest information on Vancouver Boat Cruises, Fishing Charters, Birthday Party Cruises, Bachelor Party Cruises and more Click one of the links below!

2010 Celebration of Light Fireworks, now fully booked!

2010 Celebration of Light Fireworks, now fully booked!

Yes, as of July 23.10 we are now booked up for each of the 4 fireworks nights this year.  If you're interested in booking for next year, contact us soon to secure the dates well in advance! These are great corporate events, where you can get your small company out on the water for an evening of something new.  Note that aboard the Golden Eagle IV, you have the whole boat to yourself... well yourself and up to 27 other friends or coworkers.

For details on the 2010 Celebration of Light Fireworks cruises in Vancouver, see the Vancouver Fireworks Cruise section on the website for details.

Thanks. Chris.

Summer Corporate Boat Cruise

Summer Corporate Boat Cruise

Corporate boat cruises are the ideal way to wind up a weekend of meetings and reviews. That's what a lucky group of 12 businessmen were fortunate enough to experience aboard Golden Eagle Charters on the picturesque waterways surrounding Vancouver.


The goal was for the group to sample some of the different aspects of Vancouver's fishing and crabbing throughout the journey along the Burrad Inlet. Departing from the Plaza of Nations Marina, we began our boat cruise down the inlet and towards the crab grounds. Once the crab pots are out, the local crab need time to pick up the scent. So we left them there to be collect later in the day, allowing the group to enjoy the rest of their cruise.


A few members of the group had the latest in Digital SLR technology and the varied scenery gave them a chance to use multiple lenses, capturing some amazing photos aboard the Golden Eagle IV. The snow capped mountains and pleasant weather made for superb photographic conditions for the group. It was truly an experience and opportunity that you can only have on a chartered boat.


Once out past the giant rustic sea freighters, it was time to sample some Vancouver fishing. Although still early in the season, the corporate group was keen to give it a go and get some lines in the water. While waiting for a bite, the group shared chilled beverages and cooked up a storm on the top deck's barbecue. Unfortunately on this particular cruise the salmon didn't want to play ball. It came time to see whether the crab pots had produced the goods.


The first pot landed on deck and the group was over the moon to see it was full of plump local crab. While the avid photographers on board quickly snapped away at the crabs, the second pot didn't quite match the results of the first. Never the less, the group was more than happy with the day's catch. The afternoon aboard Golden Eagle Charters was well enjoyed by all, and a few of the local members of the corporate group were even lucky enough to take home a feast of crab.


If your business is thinking about treating your staff to something a bit different, try Golden Eagle Charters. A boat cruise along the scenic Burrard Inlet could be just what you're looking for.

2010 vancouver boat charter season started

2010 Spring Charter Season Kicked Off!

Yep, the 2010 boat charter season in Vancouver is now kicked off for the Golden Eagle! Although we have had a half dozen charters for fishing, birthday parties and even a stag throughout March and the early part of April... it seemed fitting to have an official event to shake off any cobwebs collected over the last few quiet months of winter.

We had a collection of 23 people out to enjoy a little rain, sun, freighters and a moonlit evening on the calm waters of Burrard Inlet.  The new BBQ was fired up and smokies were enjoyed by most (other than those that insisted on cardboard-like veggie patties).  We had a little bit of sunset, and found a great little cove and dock near Lighthouse Park called The Dale Park.  After that, we headed back to check out the Lions Gate Bridge, did a few doughnuts while snapping pictures, and headed back into False Creek.

A great evening.  A little chilly mind you, but great to get out and remind ourselves just how beautiful this city of Vancouver is.  Check out the photo gallery with some of the latest pics.


Book a boat cruise for your wedding reception!

Book a boat cruise for your wedding reception!

A couple contacted me the other day about a boat cruise for an inexpensive and memorable wedding for a small, intimate group of people coming into Vancouver.  Their thoughts were to charter a boat for both the wedding and reception.  This got me thinking... I have seen it done on the larger boats, so why not on the Golden Eagle IV?

At Golden Eagle Boat Charters we're interested in ensuring your trip is truly memorable and fun. My suggestion to the couple was that we could do a wedding on the boat, but believe it's best to have the ceremony on dry land. Vancouver has some beautiful parks, so consider such as Queen Elizabeth Park or Stanley Park. This allows your guests and latecomers to attend the ceremony, and if there are some people that choose not to join the party on the water, then they've got that option. Other factors to consider are the minister and photographer. You would also need to consider their time and what you're paying them for the duration of your boat cruise around Vancouver.

Finally, you'll need some food and drink for your guests during their cruise around Vancouver.  We give you the option of bringing along your own food and drink, but we can also arrange a caterer for you if interested.  If you're of the more budget conscious, try ordering a family style platter from one of the local restaurants...and if you're looking for suggestions, consider using UrbanSpoon.  Email us at, or call us at 604.782.5598 for menu details or with any specific requests.  In addition, we do have a few photographer options if you're interested in such services.

Aside from all of that, our skipper and deckhand will be ready to cruise your party around the Vancouver waters and all you will need to be is there. Call or email us today to inquire about booking your boat charter.


How to Book a Vancouver Boat Cruise

How to Book a Vancouver Boat Cruise

So you have an idea to host a party on a boat. Vancouver is a great city for a boat cruise and when you have a party of people that need somewhere to have a few drinks and let loose, a private boat charter may be one of your best options. When was the last time you were on a private boat cruise around the beautiful city of Vancouver?

First of all, note how many people you expect for a boat party. Depending on how many people you can confirm for a boat cruise will dictate the size of boat available to charter for an afternoon or evening. The Golden Eagle IV will handle a maximum of 28 people, and is still very suitable for groups as few as 8 or 10.

Note the location of the boat. Most Vancouver boat charters depart from the Plaza of Nations, Granville Island, and Coal Harbour. Transportation to the dock and parking for your guests needs to be taken into consideration. Our boat is centrally located at the Plaza of Nations Marina, with pay parking nearby and the Stadium Skytrain station less than a 10 minute walk.

If you're not covering the cost of the boat charter yourself, then what is the price point your guests are willing to accept. When inquiring, be sure to ask about any additional charges such as expected gratuity, food and drink costs, and additional fuel charges. Aboard the Golden Eagle, we encourage guests to bring their own food and drink. We also don't charge extra for fuel, but do ask for a small gratuity for the crew. It's a little something extra for entertaining your party and keeping everyone safe out there on the water.

Arrange for deposit payment to secure the day and time for your boat cruise. Throughout the spring, summer, and early fall the demand for private boat charters is high and securing your date is essential. Personally, I find it encourages myself to start hounding people for money early to lock them up as confirmed guests.

Once the booking for your boat cruise has been made, it's time to start arranging your guest list, themes, and general logistics.  Feel free to email Golden Eagle Boat Charters at, or call us at 604-782-5598 to book your event today.

Fall and Christmas Cruises...yes, we do them.

Fall and Christmas Cruises...yes, we do them.

Glad that we've finally moved into the quieter part of the year so that I can get a few upgrades completed on the boat.

Of course there's still a few diehards that insist on cold weather bookings, and we're still out there making it happen for them. This weekend are a couple birthday parties, and I figure with the chill in the air most of the people will be holed up in the nice toasty cabin down below while the staff freezes their butts off on the upper deck.

If you too are interested in checking out the lights of False Creek this Christmas, we've got the boat up and running for a dinner cruise if you so like. Give us a call and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Thanks. Chris.

We've moved to the Plaza of Nations marina!

We've moved to the Plaza of Nations marina!

Yes, after a few good years down in Coal Harbour, we've up and moved into False Creek in behind the Edgewater Casino. Next time you're going for a walk along the seawall...take a short detour and meander down to the east side of the casino where the dock entrance is.

An updated walking map can be found here

And updated Google Map found here

Once again, any sure to call 604.782.5598


May dates are being snapped up fast!

May dates are being snapped up fast!


I know we're already half way through May, but there's still a few great sunny weekends to take advantage of before the summer calendar really fills up. May seems to be a month of birthday parties and fishing charters. If you're interested in either, or maybe a stag, be sure to forward the site onto a few friends to get that consensus always required.

If you're walking along the seawall, near the Westin Bayshore, be sure to yell out a quick hello. We're located within shouting distance of the dock and always happy to chat.


Find our fanclub on Facebook!

Find our fanclub on Facebook!

Yes, we're on Facebook as the Golden Eagle Boat Charters Fan Club. Join in on the discussion comment on all the latest goings on.

May is a month of Saturday cruises, and with weather like this there's no reason not to go out on the water. Tonite was once again a gorgeous night to take in the lights of the city and the Lions Gate bridge after watching the sunset from up Indian Arm.

Check out the photo gallery of Vancouver sights for the latest pics...and join us soon to get some pics of your own.


New website kicked off!

New website kicked off!

It's been a long time coming, but finally a new Golden Eagle Charters website has been launched! has been in need of an update for the last few years and finally it's here.

Great new features include:

  • online booking and availability calendar
  • layout of each deck on the boat
  • online contact details

Yes, I know there's still plenty more that can be done to improve the information available prior to booking, but for now this is a baby step in the right direction.

Keep checking back, as we'll be having a few very special events in the near future to celebrate the start of the 2009 season.

Chris S.

Vancouver Charter Boat Company

The fireworks finale cruise was spectacular. If you have never seen the fireworks from the water then I suggest you get some friends together and book Golden Eagle Charters.

- Sandra L.

Golden Eagle Boat Charters

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